What is the best way to hire a cyber security professional?  Start by figuring out what you are trying to achieve, then relay that info to our team.  We will let you know the options available. 

Why are cyber security professionals hard to find?  The supply is smaller than the demand. The top talent hired quickly and retained for as long as possible.

Where do you find your candidates?  We hire as many candidates as possible out of the military. The average age is 40.  These wonderful people have been trained by the best and have spent their years defending against the bad guys.  

What are your average candidates qualifications?  The average cyber security candidate will have several certifications (CISSP, CISM, etc.) and many years of hands on experience. The experience is what sets our candidates apart from the average talent pool.

How long does the hiring process take?  This depends on the skill-sets required. The average turn around is between two to four weeks. Board level executives and team members in higher positions (CTO, CISO, CSO, CISO) take longer to find than a security analyst.

How do we get started?  The process is simple, just reach out to us and we can start the conversation. Let us know some basic information and we will get started right away.

What is a direct hire?  This is where we put candidates in front of you and they become a permanent part of your team if you decide to move forward in the process. Augusta Global gets a percentage fee for this type of hire. This is also referred to as headhunting.

What types of staffing do you offer?  The candidate will work full time as a part of your team. The work can be on-site, remote, or remote with travel. We offer staffing for cyber security positions and IT positions. We handle the insurance, taxes, and all of the rest because the employee legally works for ​Augusta Global. The minimum work duration for staffing is three months.

What ​is outsourcing?  ​You tell us the job requirements and we will have our team submit a proposal for the work.  Proposals are good for 30 days. This is very similar to hiring an outside contractor.