​Augusta Global was founded in 2012 as a management consulting firm in Augusta, G​eorgia. As the Federal footprint grew over the years ​in the Augusta region (U.S. Cyber School, NSA, etc.), the talent pool became one of the worlds best. With the large amount of cyber security and ​information technology talent in the region, and the growing global demand for ​this talent, we ​started helping fill this demand by placing qualified candidates/military veterans in these important positions across the United States.

Augusta Global ​helps direct place candidates and provides staffing​ options ​to the corporate world and government contractors. ​We are here to help with your HR needs regarding cyber security and information technology​.

Tony Lever

​Tony Lever

​Founder and CEO

​Tony Lever founded Augusta Global in 2012.

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Wendy Lever

​Wendy Lever

​Director of Operations

​Wendy Lever runs operations and client development.

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