We​ help companies recruit & staff ​cyber security & IT talent

​Direct Hire Key Points:

  • No cost to you until you hire
  • Get resumes within 5 days
  • One time fee for ​direct hire
  • Security clearance options
  • On-Site and ​Off-Site ​Options

​Hire Cyber Security Professionals

​We Connect Companies ​​To Cyber Security Professionals​. This is for full-time job placement for a one time fee.

​​Staffing Key Points:

  • Augment ​your current ​staff
  • You pay a flat rate
  • Long-term staffing
  • Temp-to-​hire options
  • Get ​​​​started ​​quickly
  • On-site and ​off-site ​options
  • We ​handle hiring, ​insurance, taxes, ​etc.

​Augment Your Staff

​​​We provide the staffing so you can focus on work. This is for full time positions where we do the ​taxes, ​insurance, etc.

​​Outsourcing Key Points:

  • Work executed by ​our team
  • Get a proposal within days
  • Proposal good ​for 30 days
  • ​Non-disclosure agreement
  • On-Site and ​off-site ​options
  • ​We ​​​​can start ​​quickly

​Hire ​Our Team Directly

​​​This is for work​ where you might need a cyber professional to build company security policies, penetration test, etc.